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Hand injuries cause more than one million workers to visit the emergency room each year, and in 70 percent of the cases, these workers were not wearing gloves. Our selection of woolen rubber-coated PPE safety gloves are designed to protect workers against hand and finger injuries. View our selection of cut-resistant gloves online to lower the risk of hand injuries such as cuts, lacerations, and deformities.

We offer various ANSI-certified options, including ANSI Cut Level 5 Gloves, ANSI Cut Level 4 Gloves, Anti-Impact Pads, and Leather Gloves with Kevlar Liner.

ANSI Levels Explained

The following recommendations are of general nature and are not specific to everyone’s needs. Always ensure your selected glove complies with the mandated safety standard recommended for your application.

ANSI A1: Paper cuts, material handling, parts assembly

ANSI A2/A3: Material handling, small parts handling, general purpose, warehouse, construction

ANSI A4: Bottle and glass handling, drywalling, electrical HVAC, automotive assembly, metal handling.

ANSI A5-A6: Sharp metal stamping, metal recycling, pulp, and paper, automotive, aerospace industry, meat processing

ANSI A7+: The higher rated gloves suited for sharp metal stamping, metal recycling, pulp, and paper, automotive, aerospace and meat processing industries.

If you'd like to learn more about cut resistant gloves, check out our guide on the different levels of cut resistant gloves.