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Non-Woven 3.5oz Stabilization Fabric (3' x 300')

Erosion and sediment control are critical aspects of any construction project. Our Non-Woven 3.5oz Stabilization Fabric, sized at 3' x 300', stands as your steadfast guardian against soil erosion. As rain threatens to wash away progress, our fabric is strong enough to hold the ground and prevent soil particles from becoming casualties. Efficient and reliable, it's the unsung hero beneath your project's success.

Non-Woven 4oz Stabilization Fabric (12.5' x 360')

When it comes to larger construction projects, the Non-Woven 4oz Stabilization Fabric is the heavyweight champion in erosion and sediment control. At 12.5' x 360', this fabric is generously sized and fortified for maximum defense. Don't settle for less - choose the geotextile partner that will ensure your project's longevity.

Why PowerPak?

At PowerPak, reliability meets efficiency. We understand the urgency of construction timelines, which is why we always keep our products in stock and ready to go. Construction professionals trust us for our industry knowledge and transparent communication. With next-day delivery to the job site, we'll help you stay on schedule and on budget. Choose PowerPak and get your project off the ground.