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Truck safety is extremely important. Our complete range of triangle kits, beacons and signs will keep both truck drivers and pedestrians safe.

Buy Construction Vehicle Safety Supplies

PowerPak Civil & Safety knows that when it comes to construction area safety, it isn't just about keeping workers safe. That's the main priority, but it's also about keeping the equipment you rely on in good working order. Whether it be passenger vehicles or large equipment vehicles, we offer tools to help ensure that they're seen by other motorists.

These tools include rotating warning lights to mount to your vehicle and red-and-white reflective tape to ensure other motorists know you're operating a construction vehicle that may make random stops.

We also offer tools to help you make motorists aware if a breakdown occurs. Using the shoulder with your four-ways on may get the attention of passers-by, but having a vehicle safety kit packed and setting it up is the best way to get them to slow down and be attentive. These kits include a reflective triangle and base, a fire extinguisher and road flares for added visibility.

Whether you're working on a wide roadway or just off a narrow shoulder, we have the equipment to make sure you're seen. All of our vehicle safety supplies meet Department of Transportation standards where necessary. Some of the construction vehicle safety supplies we offer include:

Choose PowerPak to Keep Your Vehicles Safe

PowerPak Civil & Safety is your source to buy construction vehicle safety supplies in the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. We know how important it is to get vehicle safety supplies that work and get them quickly. That's why we offer high-quality products that can make you safer potentially as soon as today and certainly no later than tomorrow. Plus, we throw in free cookies with every order, so you can treat your staff!

Call us at 800-451-5811 or contact us online if you have any questions at all about the construction vehicle safety equipment we offer.