Erosion & Sediment Control

Manage Spills, Erosion and Sediment Runoff

In construction, every move counts, even the Earth's movements needs to be considered. Soil erosion constantly threatens construction sites as activities can disturb the soil, making it more susceptible to movement. Heavy rainfall or construction work can cause soil to wash away slowly, leading to project delays if not addressed promptly. PowerPak offers geotextile and erosion control supplies to address these concerns. We offer equipment for erosion control, ground reinforcement, soil stabilization, and landscape rehabilitation projects. Whether you're working on an embankment, hillside, or channel, our supplies provide temporary and permanent erosion control solutions.

Contain Sediment Runoff with Erosion Prevention Solutions

Comply with stormwater regulations on construction sites by preventing soil and sediment from leaving the area. The type of erosion control solution needed depends on the unique nature of each project. We carry geotextile and erosion control equipment to meet your needs. You can find woven and nonwoven stabilization fabric, which helps stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. Straw, excelsior, jute mesh, and burlap blankets will control erosion and aid vegetation. We also have fences, silt fences, silt socks, erosion eels, and coir logs designed to control sediment runoff and prevent erosion. Essential tools such as pliers and staples are also available for installing erosion control materials. We offer dewatering bags for sediment filtration and water treatment during construction projects. Secure your erosion control materials with stakes, posts, and post-pounders. Our inventory includes dandy curb bags, dandy sacks, and other sediment catchers that prevent dirt and silt from migrating into storm drains. Lastly, we offer turbidity curtains to control sediment and turbidity in water bodies during construction or dredging projects.

Sorbents and Spill Containment

Construction sites face risks from spills and runoff, which can harm workers and the environment. Our spill management products protect the land, people, and projects. Our Drum Spill Kit contains all the necessary sorbents, accessories, and PPE for emergency oil, coolant, fuel, solvent, or water spills. The pre-packed kit allows easy access to the absorbents during spill control operations, and the 20-gallon drum is UN-approved for shipping waste. Our granular absorbent is an eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to clay absorbents. It quickly absorbs oil, grease, water, and other liquids, and each bag can soak up to 8.5 gallons of spill. We also sell bulk lightweight and functional oil absorbent pads to soak up petroleum, diesel, oil, and other fuels. Our absorbent socs wrap around uneven surfaces and corners to absorb oils, coolants, solvents, and water-based fluids. To avoid contaminants from spreading, opt for a spill tray to collect and contain oil and grease dripping and leaking. At the same time, our oil-only sorbent boom absorbs oil and hydrocarbons while repelling water. It forms a floating migration barrier to contain and absorb oil on water. Our preventative and counter measurements will contain spills and keep your job moving.

Protect Your Construction Projects and the Environment

Safeguarding our environment and cutting down on job site disruption isn't just responsible – it's smart business. Don't wait for regulations to catch up; be a leader in sustainable practices. Take preventative measures early on to prevent costly fines and irreversible damage. Investing in proven erosion management, spill containment, and sediment control solutions promotes a safer and more sustainable future for your business and the community. Take action today and make a difference with our erosion and sediment control products.