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Construction workers need to keep their hands warm and dry when working outside. PowerPak has thermal work gloves to insulate hands from cold temperatures and moisture.

Winter Work Gloves for the Coldest Jobsites

The thermal work gloves by PowerPak feature:

  • A textured coating for better grip, making it easier to perform tasks.
  • Insulation to keep workers' hands at a comfortable temperature.
  • Flexible material for full dexterity. 

Benefits of High-Quality Thermal Gloves for Construction Workers

The main advantage of thermal work gloves is proper protection in cold weather to keep working comfortably. Wearing protective gloves in cold weather:

  • Improves thermal comfort.
  • Reduces muscle strain.
  • Minimizes hand and finger injuries.

Buy Thermal Work Gloves at PowerPak Today

PowerPak has the cold weather construction gloves your workers need to stay safe in winter. If it's listed online, it's on the shelf and ready to ship today.

Order thermal work gloves for your construction workers today. Add gloves to your cart to buy online, or order by phone at 800-451-5811.