Wattles & Compost Socks

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Wattles and Compost Socks

Tackle erosion head-on with PowerPak's Erosion Control lineup. From Coir Logs, for guarding slopes and ponds, to Tubular Knit Compost Silt Socks, our solutions combat erosion responsibly. Our Erosion Eels and Compost Socks are easy to use. With no trenching, no staking, and zero soil disturbance, these products are a game-changer for sites with sensitive vegetation or tricky terrain. Whether it's frozen ground or paved areas, it’s time to make your erosion control measures strong enough to handle mother nature. Get high-performance sediment control with minimal footprint.

Sustainable Solutions, Lasting Impact

We believe in offering products that serve dual purposes by safeguarding your job site and the environment. Our eco-friendly Erosion Control products, like Wattles, Compost Socks, and Erosion Eels, are crafted from recyclable materials, providing a sustainable choice over traditional options. Choose eco-responsibility for construction and infrastructure projects with PowerPak.