Clothing & Footwear

Jobsite Work Wear and Protective Clothing

At PowerPak, we've got you covered when outfitting construction and civil service pros. Our work clothing and footwear collection includes everything from safety vests and hi-vis t-shirts to rugged coveralls and protective footwear. When it's time to brave the elements, our jackets, rain gear, and reflective pants and shirts have your back. And yes, we know you're wondering, we've even got plain non-ANSI t-shirts and welding coats in the mix. Safety and visibility are our top priorities. Because let's face it, a construction site isn't just a workplace – it's a dynamic environment that demands the right gear. So whether it's shielding you from hazards or making sure you're seen, our gear doesn't just dress you for the job – it equips you for it.

Construction Clothing for Everyday Safety

Our construction safety apparel includes high visibility safety vests, t-shirts, pants, and coveralls approved for use on job sites. Custom logos and graphics can be added to vests, t-shirts, and other garments for your crew to match company uniformity. Whether an ANSI-compliant Class 2 or Class 3 vest, t-shirt, or coverall is needed, there are options available. The safety vests are durable and comfortable, while the high visibility safety t-shirts are a great alternative to vests on approved job sites. Coveralls come in different class types to provide comprehensive protection. The safety gear is available in both reflective and non-reflective options, in various sizes and styles to match workers with the demands of their job site. The pants feature a drawstring with an elastic back for extra comfort and flexibility. Additionally, innovative 2-inch wide Viz-Lite reflective material and high-contrast color striping provide exceptional visibility both day and night. Stay safe on the job with the proper construction workwear.

Clothing for All Weather Conditions

Looking for protective clothing suitable for specific weather conditions? Our selection of rain gear includes economical rain ponchos, 3-piece rain suits, and ANSI Class 3 rain suits keep you dry on any job site. Also offered are high-visibility coats, ponchos, overalls, and three-piece sets perfect for wet, dark, or cloudy weather conditions. The waterproof ponchos are easy to put on and discard when you're done. Additionally, arc-rated rain gear, including coveralls and jackets, are available for extra protection and comfort. The jackets range from ANSI Class 3 rated jackets available at various price points to suit your needs and budget to hi-vis bomber jackets that are compliant with ANSI standards. Hats and liners are also available to help you stay warm on cold work days. Whether you're working outside or in a warehouse, PowerPak has the perfect solution to stay protected and comfortable.

Rubber Boots and Protective Footwear Options

At PowerPak, we understand the importance of foot protection when working with chemicals, heavy tools, and machinery. That's why we offer a range of cost-effective options, including boot covers and metatarsal guards that securely pair with safety shoes or boots. Our standard metal foot guards are lightweight aluminum and feature mechanisms for easy attachment and removal, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit all day. For extra protection against electrical hazards, we also offer ozone-resistant rubber dielectric overshoes. Rest assured that our products meet the highest safety standards and prioritize well-being on the worksite.

Keep Your Crew Safe and Comfortable in their Work Gear

Our protective clothing, work boots, and foot protection are available in different styles to meet your job site requirements. From safety vests and rain gear to metatarsal guards and boot covers, we have everything your crew needs to stay safe and confident on the job site.