Clothing & Footwear

Buy Protective Clothing and Footwear for Jobsite Safety PowerPak Civil & Safety offers a wide range of protective clothing and footwear for construction site workers, cleanup crews and other civil service professionals. Our products include high-visibility apparel, waterproof protective...Read more...
  • Safety Vests
    It is required to wear an approved high visibility safety vest on job sites. Shop our large selection of safety vests that come in many sizes and styles.
  • High Visibility T-Shirts
    T-shirts are the perfect alternative to safety vests. Our t-shirts are comfy and durable. They can also be imprinted with your companies logo. Learn more.
  • Hi-Viz Pants
    Our reflective pants use ultra-cool polyester mesh and have two pockets. Learn more and shop now to enjoy same-day delivery in New York and Philadelphia!
  • Safety Rain Gear for Sale
    Raingear is an important piece of safety PPE. Available in many sizes and price points. Visit our site to find what you need.
  • Jackets
    Stay warm and dry with PowerPak's range of jackets. Available at multiple price points, so we have the jacket to suit your need and budget. Learn more.
  • FR Coveralls
    If you need coveralls to keep you clean and safe, but also have a requirement to wear FR, these are the products you need. Learn more today.
  • Disposable Coveralls
    PowerPak offers polypropylene coveralls for commercial job sites. High level of comfort and breathability. Learn more and shop now for same-day delivery!
  • Footwear & Boots
    PowerPak has job site protective footwear for a variety of construction environments. Learn more and order now for same-day delivery in New York or Philadelphia!
  • Hats And Liners
    Stay warm or cool with our line of hats and liners. Whether working in cold or hot weather, we have what you need to be comfortable and safe. Shop now.
  • Foot Protection
    Do you work with heavy tools and machinery? Protect your feet from injury with Powerpak's selection of foot protection products. Learn more.
  • Chainsaw PPE
    Chainsaws are an essential but dangerous tool. Protect yourself with Powerpak Civil & Safety's chainsaw PPE. Visit our site to learn more.
  • Boot and Shoe Covers
    Shop Powerpak's boot and shoe covers for flexibility and resistance to oils, fats and grease. Includes liquid and light splash protection. Learn more.
  • Welding PPE
    Our welding equipment will ensure you get the job done right the first time. Powerpak offers welding coats, helmets and more. Shop now to get same-day delivery!