Hardware & Tools

Commercial Construction Tools

Save valuable time on your job site by replacing dull blades with sharp, efficient ones. Provide your team with professional finishing tools for sanding, grinding, and deburring to eliminate unwanted textures. Give smoothing and polishing projects a fresh start with replacement flap discs and wire brushes. Cut with precision by knowing the different uses for diamond cut-off blades and abrasive wheels. If you want to upgrade your tool box, consider new gas-powered equipment, pneumatic tools, shovels, and hand tools. Choose reliable power tools to match the dependability of your productive workforce.

Power Tools and Job Site Essentials for Everyday Tasks

Keep your project on track with our extensive inventory of site supplies and safety products. From hammers to bolt cutters, crescent wrenches, and cordless drills, every item in our buyer's guide is in stock and ready to deliver to your location. We offer digging tools, including razor back shovels, small shovels, pickaxes, post hole diggers, and other digging tools, all available in our inventory. And if you need heavy-duty rakes, lutes, and tampers for moving material, asphalt, or concrete, we have those stocked, too. Plus, we have brooms and brushes to help keep your job site clean and tidy. When winter comes, you can rely on PowerPak for snow and ice removal products, such as icemelt, rocksalt spreaders, and snow shovels.

Construction Site Tools for the Trade

If the blade is broken - fix it. Choose from our range of cutting, grinding, and drilling supplies, including diamond blades, wire wheels, reciprocating saw blades, and circular saw blades. For those in heavy or commercial construction, pneumatic tools are the right choice for tasks that require more power than electric hand tools can provide. Pneumatic tools employ an adjustable air compressor to deliver the necessary punch, making them an ideal choice. We also offer chainsaw accessories, SDS bits, spade bits, gas-powered generators, and gas-powered rammers. Got a concrete job in the winter? We got you covered. We have concrete washout bags, test cylinders, concrete release agents, trowels, edgers, and finishing brooms, to name a few.

Reliable Fasteners

Do you find yourself searching "hardware store near me?" and running to the store ten times a day? Whether you're working on temporary structures or permanent installations, our wide range of nails, including Duplex nails, common nails, finishing nails, and flute nails, will secure a reliable outcome. With various sizes and styles of fasteners available, you can find the perfect fastener to match your requirements. Our selection also includes staples, hammer tracker staplers, and heavy-duty staple guns. And for heavy rail applications, we proudly offer steel rail track spikes. Today is not the day to compromise on safety or longevity – call us for all your fastener needs.

Quality Hardware and Competitive Prices

Supply your worksite with the right tools for the job. Browse our selection of hardware and tools for commercial construction projects, including power tools, hand tools, safety equipment, generators, and fasteners. We are committed to delivering quality products that meet the needs of utility and infrastructure construction professionals. We also provide competitive prices and knowledgeable assistance to help you find the right tools for your unique needs. With fast delivery and a commitment to customer satisfaction, PowerPak is the reliable choice for all your job site hardware and tool requirements.