Electrical Safety & Fire Retardant

Equip your team with Electrical Safety Supplies

Faulty electrical equipment, lack of staff training, combustible and flammable materials, and lack of electrical safety equipment are some of the main reasons fires occur. Ways to prioritize safety on every job site include advocating for fire safety and knowing the different types of FR clothing. Implement fire safeguards on the job site with flame resistant, flame retardant, or arc rated clothing. We have everything you need, from FR coveralls, arc flash protection, and rubber goods to voltage detectors, lockout tagout kits, and non-conductive tools to prevent accidents. Take the time to buy fire safety equipment today and protect your operation and reputation.

High Voltage Safety Gloves

When working with power, gloves are the first defense against electrical hazards. As an electrical safety supplier, PowerPak offers durable high-voltage gloves that exceed U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) electrical safety standards. We offer high-voltage class 2 sleeves and class 0, 2, and 3-level gloves to meet your job's needs. We test gloves, sleeves, and blankets in-house and can pick up and deliver after testing to eliminate shipping delays in our region. Our assortment of options also includes leather protectors and glove bags to extend the life of your gloves and sleeves. Need help deciding which gloves to order? Our knowledgeable team is here to help you make the right choice for your project's demands.

Fire Retardant and Flame-Resistant Protective Clothing

Working with electric utility lines and circuits or the potential of flash fires and toxic chemical exposure requires appropriate gear to level up from fear. PowerPak's fire retardant and flame-resistant materials provide full-body coverage and protection against flames, heat, and electrical arcs. Our arc-rated gear, including gloves, hoods, and jackets, protects against electrical explosions and high-intensity heat. Additionally, our voltage detectors can detect electric fields without touching the electrical supply and easily fits into your pocket for immediate access. We offer a wide selection of flame-retardant and fire-resistant uniforms and accessories, including FR arc flash gloves, FR balaclavas, modacrylic vests, and arc-rated rain overalls. Browse our extensive collection of FR workwear and equip your team with the gear they need for heat safety.

Essential Accessories for a Safe Working Environment

We consider safety when working on utility and infrastructure job sites from the very beginning of the project. That's why PowerPak supplies safety equipment to protect employees from potential hazards. Our arc flash PPE is designed to defend against light and heat, and our arc flash kits come with the basics, including a hard hat with an attached face shield, coveralls, arc knit hood, ear plugs, and safety glasses. We also supply individual items to complete your arc flash protection kit, such as arc-rated goggles, replacement visors, and balaclavas. When working with electrical equipment, we stock lockout gear and a range of dielectric and non-conductive tools and accessories. Additionally, we offer easy-to-use Class 0 and 2 mats, clamps to hold them in place, and a sturdy plastic carry case.

Purchase fire safety equipment to prioritize safety

Find ways to prioritize electrical and fire safety in your workplace today. Explore our range of products to keep your employees safe. From high-voltage gloves and sleeves to flame-resistant clothing, mats, arc flash PPE kits, voltage detectors, and more, we have everything you need to create a safe working environment. Trust PowerPak, your supplier of protective equipment, to provide you with quality products and exceptional customer service.