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Safety flags are important for highlighting hazards, directing traffic and clearly marking machinery, signs or wide loads.

Dowel Flags

These flags come with a durable rod, allowing workers to hold them for long periods when directing traffic or working around heavy equipment on construction sites. You can also mount them on road work signs to add visibility. Flags are weather-resistant and available in red or orange.

Perimeter Flags

Mark boundaries using perimeter flags. You may use these to section off parking areas, highlight a work zone or mark grand openings. They work for indoor and outdoor applications.

Checkered Flags

These safety flags meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements by giving air and ground visibility. They work for applications like marking vehicles, taxiways and stranded airport equipment. The heavy-duty nylon flags also feature pockets for dowels or panels.

Direct Motorists With Road Safety Flags

Road flag signs create clear markers for easy identification by construction workers and motorists. Find the products you need online from PowerPak and have them shipped to your business in the Philadelphia, Seattle or New York metro areas or beyond.