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Find the Right Bike Lane Sign for Your Next Project

PowerPak supports safety in all environments with signage designed for construction teams. Our selection of bike lane signs for sale offers the messaging needed to keep cyclists safe. These products are available to ship to the Philadelphia, New York and Seattle metro areas. Shop bike path signs online or contact us to learn more about our products.

Our effective and compliant bike signs include:

  • Reflective material: Cyclists and construction teams occupy bike lanes at all hours. Sign visibility is vital for keeping cyclists informed when they travel along bike lanes at night. Reflective materials will brighten signage under light to make symbols and wording legible in low-light conditions. 
  • Orange background: Black lettering on an orange background is the standard design for construction signs in all roadwork applications — the same rule applies for construction in bike lanes. This coloring makes messaging visible from various distances and in many environmental conditions. 
  • Durable construction: Bike lane construction may take place during various weather events, including high winds, rain and snow. Since signs communicate critical information, they must have the durability to withstand these conditions. 

Types of Bike Lane Signs We Sell

The following are the bike zone signs we sell:

  • May use full lane
  • Work zone ahead
  • Use temporary walkway
  • Bike lane closed ahead
  • Construction in bike lane ahead
  • Path narrows
  • Share the road
  • and more!