Chemical Resistant Gloves

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Chemical Resistant Gloves

PowerPak - Your trusted source for high-quality Chemical Resistant Gloves. Explore our range and equip yourself with reliable protection for demanding work environments.

PVC Dipped Gloves

Our PVC Dipped Gloves are built to provide protection in cold conditions, handling substances like grease, oils, acids, caustics, and solvents. With a smooth finish, they are versatile and suitable for warehousing, construction, and traffic control. These gloves are made of liquid-proof and chemical-resistant PVC, offering ultimate hand protection. The foam insulation keeps your hands warm and dry, and the safety cuff allows for easy donning and doffing. These gloves have been rigorously tested and are ideal for various industries such as heavy-duty construction and chemical manufacturing.

Neoprene Coated Chemical Gloves

Our Neoprene Coated Chemical Gloves provide excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals, including acids, caustics, solvents, alcohols, and oils. They feature a comfortable yet secure grip with a smooth textured finish and a brushed interlock lining. Crafted using the multi-dip process, these gloves are liquid-proof and exhibit excellent cut resistance. The knit-lined curved fingers and winged thumb enhance grip and dexterity, ensuring efficiency and safety. These gloves are suitable for applications such as refining, galvanizing, degreasing, plating, and cleaning & maintenance.