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Geotextiles are crucial in many construction projects because they help solve potential erosion issues. These fabrics address various problems with soil integrity, from filtration and separation to reinforcement and stabilization. In roadway construction and other applications, geotextile fabrics can help fill the gap between the roads and the soil to create a more solid foundation with increased drainage.

Geotextile Drainage and Landscape Fabric From PowerPak

PowerPak offers various types of geotextile fabrics to operations based on the specific needs of their applications. Woven fabrics are ideal for projects requiring high stabilization and enhanced support with minimal drainage, while nonwoven geotextiles work well for separation and filtration applications needing increased drainage. Geogrids are perfect for construction projects requiring maximum reinforcement and drainage.

Examples of the nonwoven sizes we offer are 12 ½ x 360 feet and 3 x 300 feet. Woven sizes range from 12 ½ to 54 feet to 6 x 300 feet.

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