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Buy Blades in Bulk for Commercial Construction

Hammering, framing and digging are common activities at many commercial construction sites. So are cutting, grinding and drilling. You need the right equipment and the appropriate tools to execute any of these activities efficiently.

Depending on the size of your project and all the tasks involved with getting it done, you may want to buy saws blades in bulk for commercial construction.

About Our Cutting, Grinding and Drilling Supplies

We sell an array of blades, such as wood, universal, diamond, concrete and concrete/asphalt blades. You’ll also find reciprocating saw blades and SDS bits in our product mix, making PowerPak Civil & Safety your one-stop-shop for cutting, grinding and drilling supplies.

Let Us Deliver for You and Your Crew

For more than 20 years and counting, construction professionals have turned to our family-owned and operated company to provide the site supplies and safety equipment they need, and we encourage you to do the same. If it’s in the book, it’s on the shelf and ready for us to deliver to your job site, meaning you don’t have to worry about backorders when you do business with us.

Is your job site in New York or the Philadelphia Metro area? You’re in luck if so, because that means you’re within our 10/4 – 4/10 delivery range. If you order by 10 am today, we’ll deliver your bulk saw order by 4 pm this afternoon. When you order by 4 pm, we’ll deliver your supplies and equipment by 10 am the following morning.

Place an order with PowerPak Civil & Safety today and let us come through for you and your team with the equipment you need to get the job done!