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With their lightweight, stackable convenience, traffic cones provide a cheap and easy way to create a quick visual barrier. By adding retractable cone bars, you can harness the ease and convenience of traffic cones and make physical barriers as well, greatly increasing the utility of these already versatile markers.

Benefits of Buying Cone Bars From PowerPak

Buying bars for traffic cones multiplies their capabilities for a relatively small investment. Made from sturdy but lightweight PVC or ABS, PowerPak retractable cone bars are easy to store and carry. A large loop on each end slips easily over the head of a cone or delineator post, allowing 360-degree connection, while adjustable collars provide up to 10.5 feet of extension.

Every PowerPak retractable cone bar is made with engineer-grade reflective sheeting for peak nighttime visibility. With their bright orange and white or yellow and black color schemes, these bars for traffic cones create unmistakable visual and physical barriers. If you're completing trenching or utility work, you can count on these adjustable traffic cone bars to capture attention and keep traffic where it belongs.

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