100ml Barrier Cream

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  • Apply before work to protect from dirt, grease and oil
  • Silicone and oil free
  • Comes in 100mL tube
  • Water soluble with a high percentage of inorganic pigments
Barrier Cream by Travabon is applied by workers before commencing their work for the day. It creates a robust layer of protection between hands and outside contaminants. It repels germs and bacteria from penetrating deep into hands or arms. The barrier cream is ideal for use where workers have exposure to dust, grease, inks, and oil. The specially formulated cream repels the contaminants and protects the hands from getting rough, stained, or allergies. When used regularly, it can help reduce the need for tough heavy-duty hand cleansers required to remove stubborn dirt. The barrier cream is silicone and oil-free and thus completely safe on hand and keeps them soft. It is a water-soluble cream with a high percentage of inorganic pigments.
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