OV Cartridge, Rockland, for Rockland Half-Mask Cartridge Respirators

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  • Fits Rockland Half-Mask Cartridge Respirators
  • Low profile, swept-back filters for greater field of vision
  • Protection against Organic Vapor
  • 1pr/bag, 30 bags/case



Essential Gear for Hazardous Jobs

The Rockland OV Cartridge are made to fit Rockland Half-Mask Cartridge Respirators. Its low profile and swept-back filters provide a better field of vision, making it easy to use with eyewear or goggles. These cartridges protect against organic vapor, making them a crucial part of your safety gear. Each bag contains one pair of cartridges, and there are 30 bags in a case. Respirators are essential for worker safety in environments with hazardous gases. Over time, respirator cartridges can get clogged with dust or debris, reducing their effectiveness. The Rockland OV Cartridge helps maintain the functionality and safety of Rockland half-mask respirators. With its smart design, these filters offer a clear view, making them comfortable to wear with other protective gear. These cartridges protect against organic vapors and help extend your respirators' life, ensuring ongoing protection in tough work conditions.

Reliable Gear, Rapid Delivery

Our commitment to no backorders means you get what you need, when you need it. With next-day trackable delivery, you can trust your order will arrive quickly, so you never miss a beat on the job. Our Rockland OV Cartridges are always available to keep your respirators functioning at their best. Don't wait until it's too late—order now and stay protected from harmful vapors. We know the importance of reliable safety gear, and we're here to make sure you have it, fast.

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