Impact Attenuation Barrels

Accidents happen. Tragedies don't have to. Engineered to absorb kinetic energy from vehicular crashes, impact barrels save lives, lessen the likelihood of serious injury and prevent significant property damage. With different configurations allowing for sand loading up to 2,100 pounds, PowerPak has impact barrels for sale to suit the scope of any project. PowerPak's impact attenuation barrels offer easy external weight verification to ensure proper sand loading, and their one-piece polyurethane construction eliminates the possibility of leakage. Designed with reinforced rims, they resist deforming during filling for a secure lid fit. Since these impact barrels don't have core inserts, they are also easy to store and install at virtually any job site. Compliant with NCHRP 350 crash safety requirements, PowerPak impact barrels can be configured for various weights. The adjustable combination model is marked for 200-, 400- and 700-pound levels on its top half, while the broad pedestal base on the bottom half provides ample stability. Barrels are also available in 1,400- and 2,100-pound configurations for heavy-duty energy absorption. Impact barrels give highway workers the protection they need to work with confidence while also improving the safety of drivers and property. Well-engineered and easy to set up, this critical equipment is a roadwork staple.
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