Sign, "Floor-Stairway", Writeable Blank Lines, Rigid Plastic, Pre-Drilled Holes, 10" x 14"

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  • 10" x 14" Size
  • Rigid Plastic Construction
  • Pre-drilled Holes in corners
  • Durable and weather proof


Stairway Sign with Writable Blank Lines

Easy Stairway Labeling

This Floor-Stairway sign is a practical solution for marking stairways and floors clearly. It measures 10" x 14" and is made from rigid plastic, making it durable and weatherproof. The sign features pre-drilled holes in the corners for easy mounting. It has fillable blank lines, allowing you to write the specific stair and floor numbers for clear directions in any building. This sign is ideal for maintaining safety and organization in multi-floor buildings.

Reliable Products, Quick Delivery

At PowerPak, we are committed to offering in-stock products and next-day trackable delivery. Our stairwell signs, with writable blank lines, are a perfect example of our dedication to providing practical solutions for your needs. Made from durable, weatherproof rigid plastic, these signs are ready to ship the same day you order. Don’t wait until it's too late—keep your building organized and safe with clear and customizable stairway markers. Order now and have them delivered to your site by tomorrow.

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