ADA Tiles

Responsible construction managers are dedicated to ensuring safety before, during and after projects. Designed to alert the visually impaired to sudden drops, street crossings and other hazards, detectable warning tiles for sidewalks provide a tactile alert of changes in the terrain by using truncated domes. This unique texture creates a distinctive surface and delivers immediate feedback when contacted by a foot or cane. PowerPak's detectable warning pavers are made to be integrated into new sidewalks or pathways. Available in multiple colors and sizes to suit different locations, these cast-in-place sidewalk warning tiles can simply be pressed into wet concrete. With a nominal thickness of 1/4 inch and rigid embedment ribs spaced every 3 inches through their length, they're remarkably easy to position and set. Made with resilient fiberglass, PowerPak detectable warning pavers offer a dome width of .9 inches and a height of .2 inches to deliver an unmistakeable alert without creating a trip hazard. For high-traffic installations, we also provide replaceable warning tiles — an anchor system is cast into the concrete and then the tile is bolted to it, facilitating easy replacement when necessary. Paver dimensions are available in both gray and safety red:
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