Yellow Slush Boots

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  • Much more durable than regular footwear
  • Bright yellow for worker safety
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Sold with boot liner
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Material PVC
Size 15 Yellow Slush Boots are tough, durable and meant to be used in environments where regular boots can't offer adequate protection. These protective boots have an ankle height of 15 inch which gives wearers ample protection against water and slush upto 15 inches deep. These PPE boots are waterproof and come with a bootliner which makes them easy to wear. They have an adjustable side strap. Using the strap, it becomes easier to secure the boots. These side-strap boots are in a bright yellow color so that this protective wear is visible even in dimly-lit places. To ensure a perfect fit, it is important to order the yellow slush boots in 2 to 3 sizes larger than your regular size shoes.
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No, yellow slush boots are not electrically insulated. These are waterproof boots that protect the wearer against water and slush up to 15 inches deep. However, we do have dedicated insulated shoes; take a look at our Dielectric Overshoes.