Professional Grade Short Handled Pointed Shovel

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  • 2.0 mm heat treated carbon steel blade
  • Polished stainless steel 'Y' grip with double rivet
  • Prevents material build up
Fortem Short Handled Pointed Shovel is a professional-grade digging tool. The handle is constructed from durable materials for longer-lasting performance. It measures 30" in length and provides a great grip. The blade of the shovel is 2 mm thick, made from carbon-treated steel which does not get worn out easily. The short-handle shovel has polished socket with double rivet handle to enhance its usability and make it more comfortable to handle. Often with long use, the plates gets detached from the handle or get distorted but in this professional-grade shovel by Fortem, the plate is welded on the blade to avoid any type of shape distortion and this also prevents material build-up.
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